I have been really wanting to make Japanese rice balls/onigiri ( おにぎり) lately. My dad happened to have a new mold at home that he was able to give me. This made the process a lot easier as rice is sticky.

They are a great easy snack or meal depending on how much you put in as filling and how big you make them. For mine, I made chicken teriyaki for the filling. In the future I will try furikake and other fillings.

Using a rice cooker makes it super easy and doesn’t require monitoring like if you were to make it on a stove. This is my preferred method of making rice. Make sure that you use an Asian rice as it needs to be sticky to keep its form.

Seaweed/nori is not a must, but is delicious to add if you like it.

The process is fairly simple. Fill mold with a layer of rice, filling, more rice, and then squish together with the lid of the mold. If you are doing it by hand, wet your hands with water before starting to help the rice not stick to your fingers.

Super delicious and easy to take with you. Will be making more in the future for sure, so stay tuned for new filling combinations!

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