We wanted to try something that we can’t easily get at home. Korean BBQ gives you the opportunity to cook your own delicious Korean food.

The food was delicious! We went with a group so that we could order a larger variety of options and we recommend that you do the same. We ordered Kimbap, Combo A for 3, and Combo D for 2. The combos include rice, salad, and side dishes.

Combo A consisted of: chicken, beef, beef short ribs, and pork.
Combo D consisted of: sliced ox tongue, beef rib eye, and short ribs.

In the interest of time and abilities we cooked Combo A ourselves and had the kitchen cook Combo D for us. We wanted the experience so had to try cooking at our table. If you are someone who loves Korean BBQ, but don’t want to cook it for yourself they are more than happy to prepare everything and bring it out to you.

The grill does get dirty the more you cook as some of the sauce sticks and starts to turn black. The staff were great at changing out the center disk so that food cooked evenly and without bits of burnt sauce.

The side dishes consisted of potato, kimchi, sprouts, seaweed, fish cakes, salad, daikon, and miso soup. All were great and varying levels of sweet and spicy.

Was a great night out with family and a super delicious meal. We hope to go again in the future and try other combo options on the menu.

109-3088 St. Edwards Drive
Richmond, BC V6X 1N4

Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Daily
Phone: 604-244-0088
Website: Dai Jang Kum

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