Holiday parties are looking a little different this year. There aren’t ballrooms and restaurants filled with people. My work took a bit of a twist with our virtual holiday party. We had a cocktail hour where we were broken into smaller groups to play games and tell stories Then had a cooking class.

The games were run through It was awesome! The coordinator gave us a all a code to log into our game session. Within the session there were questions that we got to answer to get to know each other. Which was great because our company has multiple offices so I haven’t got to meet everyone before. Then we did a lightening round where we had to answer questions as fast as we could correctly to earn points. Answers were showed in graphs or groupings when the time was up after each question.

After cocktail hour we moved into a group cooking lesson! All our ingredients were delivered to our office for pick up the day before. Everything was pre-portioned, separated, and ready to go. It is a essentially one of those box meals that come with instructions, but we had a chef teaching us live! Our virtual cooking class was led by chefs from The London Chef. The London Chef is a restaurant in Victoria, British Columbia (details below). It was very different following along while someone told you what to do without ever seeing a recipe.

I’ve never done a cooking class before, let alone a virtual one with over 60 other people! All in all it turned out to be a lot of fun and a delicious meal. I am looking forward to when Covid is no longer causing a pandemic and we can travel to Victoria to eat at The London Chef in person.

The final plate consisted of:
-Red wine braised chicken and veggies
-Potatoes with herbs
-Sautéed kale with lemon

The London Chef

953 Fort Street
Victoria, BC V8V 3K3


The London Chef

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