Today we took Taco on a walk around Westwood Lake. It was a beautiful walk and just under 6km. Taco was a trooper and made the whole way himself; even through the mud! The trail is well maintained because it is part of a city park.

There is even an off leash dog area up the hill a bit on the right side of the lake. There were many people on the trail biking, running, walking, and taking their dogs out for a stroll as well! Everyone using the trail kept proper spacing and moved to opposite sides of the path when going past each other. Nearly everyone, including runners said “hello” or “good morning” while passing. It has come to the point where everyone is excited to be able to get some fresh air and exercise. Living on Vancouver Island strangers making small talk is pretty common practice here.

In the picture above you can make out a few shapes of people boating and stand-up paddle boarding. Closer to shore there were people swimming and playing on the beach as well. Little to cold still for me to go swimming in the lake, but give it about another month of so and I will be out there to beat the heat. Hoping to do some stand-up paddle boarding soon though!

This is a great trail for people who want to do a decent distance with a steeper incline on the left side of the lake. Still a maintained area, but there is some elevation which would not go very well for walkers or wheelchairs.

Parking fill up fast, so get there earlier in the day! There are also bathrooms and changing areas by the first parking lot. During the summer lifeguards are stationed at the first beach for portions of the day.

381 Westwood Road
Nanaimo, BC V9R 6S5

Dog Friendly (on leash)
Scenic Views
Boating (electric motor/no motor)

More information: Westwood Lake

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