If you enjoy history the Walter Wright Pioneer Village is a place worth checking out. As a history lover myself I enjoyed my visit here a lot. We visited during the Multicultural Fusion Celebration which added an extra level of festivities and things to do.

The village has actual buildings and artifacts that have been donated over the years. There is a lot of really cool stuff to look at and you can even go inside some of the buildings. It is best to visit in good weather though as you will be walking outside for most of the time.

Points of Interest

  1. Mile 0 Park Gardens
  2. Taylor Home
  3. L&T Locksmith
  4. Dawson Creek Village Fire Hall (1940)
  5. Dawson Creek School
  6. Telegraph and Telephone Exchange
  7. Multiplex Display
  8. W.O. (Wes) Harper’s General Store
  9. Dawson Co-Op Service Station
  10. Trappers Cabin
  11. N.A.R. Comboose
  12. Pouce Coupe Central School
  13. St. Paul’s Anglican Church
  14. Memorial Rose Garden

15. Story of Walter
16. Red Barn
17. The Story of Grain
18. Marion House
19. Loiselle Blacksmith Shop
20. Rotating Displays
21. Baytree Hall
22. Johnson-Davis House
23. Landry School
24. Boundary United Church
25. Carpenter Shop
26. Machinery Sheds
27. Sudeten Hall

The Walter Wright Pioneer Village is by donation as it is run by the Mile Zero Park Society. There is a collection area when you walk through the entrance to the grounds. When you pass through the entrance there are also pamphlets to do a self-guided tour of the village and other information about things to do and see along the Alaska Highway. We picked up these pamphlets to learn more and to see where we should visit next!

It was cool to learn about the families who had built and lived in some of the houses. The park has homes for The Taylor’s, The Marion’s, and The Johnson-Davies’. The Baytree Hall houses information about creating the Alaska Highway and the crazy winter working conditions that they faced. If you are unfamiliar with Northern British Columbia, it is not uncommon for temperatures to drop below 30°C. The first people working were not entirely prepared for this and there was a lot of people loosing feeling in their extremities.

The Walter Wright Pioneer Village is well maintained and was a lot of fun for our first visit. I would not be surprised if we visit one more time before the end of this season!

Contact Details

1901 Alaska Hwy
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4P7

Phone: 250-782-2590
Website: Walter Wright Pioneer Village

Hours: Open May Long Weekend to September Long Weekend
Everyday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Holidays may vary

YouTube Short: Walter Wright Pioneer Village

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