If you have ever had a chance to visit the beautiful Steveston Village in Richmond, BC you will be walking through history. The Sockeye Special: the story of the Steveston tram and early Lulu Island dives deep into how Steveston Village came to be.

The Sockeye Special is full of pictures from a variety of sources including: the City of Richmond Archives, the City of Vancouver Archives, the Marpole Historical Society, and many more. As a lover of history the use of many pictures and documents being real is amazing for piecing together how life use to be. They are not illustrations drawn recently based on text or peoples memories.

It was crazy to read how the small peaceful Steveston Village I know use to be a bustling area with a lot going on. An extension of the City of Richmond’s quick growing expansion. Life was a much different place in the early 1920’s.

Seeing pictures of the areas of my childhood be shown back when developments were still new was wild. The area looks so different now compared to a hundred years ago. More development is expected, but the move from horses and boats to cars and buses seems like it was more than a hundred years ago. Something new I learned reading The Sockeye Special is that Lulu Island was named after actress Lulu Sweet when she visited from San Francisco with her theatre group.

I wish that I had known about this book during my university days as I wrote a number of papers on Steveston and Richmond and how their history has shaped those areas today. People take pride in their Steveston heritage, ask any Steveston Packer grad.

If you ever get a chance to go to Richmond, BC I highly recommend that you visit Steveston Village. There is a lot of history to the area and the heritage of those who’s families have been their for generations is evident.

Places to check out in Steveston:
Steveston Seafood House
Pajo’s Fish and Chips

Places to check out in Richmond:
Continental Seafood Restaurant
Gyu-Kaku Richmond
Yuu Japanese Tapas
Dai Jang Kum – Korean BBQ

*Restaurant information may have changed since these blog posts were written.

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