The last year has been different than any year that I have ever experienced. 2020 was not the year that I had planned for. However, it has a time to see what was truly important and for some people to take that leap of faith into creating or growing their small business.

During the pandemic due to closures and travel restrictions people have had to get more creative with how to spend their time and money. Businesses have adapted and new businesses have started and flourished.

Small businesses to some degree have taken off during the pandemic. Personally, I learned of a number of high school classmates who launched or doubled down on building their businesses. Below are a few small businesses that I have learned about over the last year.

Small Businesses to Check Out

MigyB Creative by Miguel Bustamante – Painter/Photographer/Videographer

“Growing up between Vancouver and Lima, Peru opens your eyes as a kid to the differences in the world, but also the beauty we have around us. From a young age I was infatuated with all types of art that was adopted by my beyond artistic family; everything was aesthetic. With life came experience, putting me into my place in the art world where now I find myself working out of Vancouver, BC. It started with photography where capturing still moments that others couldn’t see became a priority. Then came videography where entertainment and my need to be creative was boiling over, which in turn would contribute to some of my most meaningful work to date. Art is special to me and if you give me an opportunity to show you I’m sure it will be special to you too.”

Duch Designs by Sokna Duch-Litala – Fashion Designer

“The Founder, Sokna Duch-Litala, created this brand to bring you her custom designed face masks. Sokna is a local Fashion Designer and Mom to an active little boy who keeps her busy.”

Sokna has started with a line of face masks that grew as a need during the pandemic. She plans to expand her designs in the future.

ALX by Alex Mah – ⁣Designer

“ALX is a female-owned label that specializes in custom clothing and accessories. Inspired by streetwear and vintage culture, ALX pieces are handmade which make each piece unique on its own!”

Kussen & Kiss by Sahm Jalbert – Punch Needle Artist and Teacher

Punch needling is a type of embroidery that uses a punch needle to insert yarn into fabric. Once a piece of fabric is embroidered it can be displayed as stand alone art or turned into something else like a pillow or purse.

Finished items and kits to do it yourself (with instructions of course) can be purchased on Sahm’s Etsy store.

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