Since moving up north we have had to look for a new Japanese restaurant to go to. On the recommendation of a new coworker we tried Q-Spot Japanese Restaurant. We have gone there twice now and have enjoyed our dining experiences.

Q-Spot has a decently large menu which is both great and difficult as there are lots options, but then it can be more difficult to decide. There are a few dishes that are Korean and western if your whole group doesn’t want to eat Japanese food. I have not tired the items on these sections of the menu yet as I go there specifically for the Japanese selection.

Q-Spot Visit One:

Q-Spot Visit Two:

From our two visits I did enjoy the dishes from our first visit more. The sunomono had a stronger lemon flavour the second time. Which wasn’t bad, it was just different and not what I was expecting. The chicken karaage was absolutely delicious and would get again. The spicy Agedashi tofu was good, but could use more Benito flakes and green onion. This is more of a personal preference as I know that not everyone is fond of these two ingredients. The rolls were both well made, I did try ones that I have not had before even else where that I can remember. Both were good and tasted fresh.

They do have daily specials on a board near the sushi making bar. Both times our waitress did not mention these to us, I just saw the whiteboard. The deal on both of our visits had a deep fried sushi roll as part of the combo.

The staff were polite and friendly during both of our visits. The restaurant was clean with a regular coming and going of patrons.

We are interested in trying some of the non-Japanese items on the menu in the future.

Contact Details

9924 110 Avenue
Fort St. John, BC V1J 2T1

Phone: 250-785-0059
Website: Q-Spot Japanese Restaurant

Everyday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

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