“This 35-hectare, oceanfront park is now managed under a Conservation Covenant held by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.”

Moorecroft Regional Park is beautiful, and the paths are well maintained. Garbage bins (bear proof) are throughout the park for easy disposal. There are benches and picnic tables as well to sit and enjoy nature. While we were there we saw two seals bobbing out behind some rocks. We’ve heard stories of people seeing owls, eagles, and even whales while taking a stroll through the park!

The area park is also dog friendly! Which is great because we were able to take our little boy with us for our hour long adventure though the trees and along the rock beach. They do have signage to encourage physical distancing from other people, but also to stay off the local ecosystems. I find it awesome that we get to enjoy nature, but also preserve it for future generations to enjoy and animals to have a home. I appreciate when an area wants to protect what is already there. From what we could tell, people were keeping out of areas behind the fence that indicated the natural habitat was being protected. The were many marked paths to choose from. Nature will only last as long as we continue to protect what is already there. That also goes for the wildlife that calls that ecosystem home too.

If you are looking for a new place to explore this is one I would recommend! It wasn’t to busy while were were their either. When we were leaving just before noon people were starting to show up and fill the small parking lot. There is a number of different paths, open grass areas, and shoreline to explore, so it is possible to not be near other people if that is what you are looking for. It was a wonderful morning and we will be back again. Going to check out a few other parks in the area as well, so stay tuned!

1563 Stewart Rd
Nanoose Bay, BC V9P 9E7

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