We love takoyaki and being able to make it at home is awesome! It is not the easiest dish to make without a lot of practice. The last time I made takoyaki was back in high school for a project when I was in Japanese class.

The biggest obstacle that the average person would encounter when making takoyaki is not having the right pan. Making takoyaki requires a special pan with circular areas that will make the round shape of the finished takoyaki.

We used takoyaki flour, but there are ways to use regular flour and add different spices to achieve the same flavour. One bag is able to make 4 rounds of takoyaki for us. There is also instructions on the back of the bag that uses a quarter of the bag at a time.

Fresh octopus may also be a challenge that you come across while gathering ingredients. We got our send in a care package from my parents. They sent it on Harbour Air so it was only a 20 minute flight over to us. Not multiple days through Canada Post.

-1/2 Cup Takoyaki Flour
-2 Eggs
-Japanese Mayo
-Takoyaki Sauce
-360 ml Water
-Benito Flakes
-Green Onion

In a bowl combine eggs, water, and takoyaki flour. Mix well until smooth.

Cut the octopus into pieces to go inside the batter.

Cut green onion for garnish.

Heat up the takoyaki pan and coat with oil. The oil helps to give the takoyaki a nice golden colour and makes sure that they don’t stick to the pan.

Once the pan is hot pour in the batter. You may need to play around with the temperature. The lower the temperature the slower the cook, but the more time you have when turning the takoyaki.

As the batter is become solid on the outside, but still liquid in the middle add a piece of octopus into each takoyaki. Then careful flip the whole ball so that the liquid batter pours into the pan finishing the creation of the ball shape. This will also seal the octopus inside.

Flipping the takoyaki can be very difficult. Patience is key! I kept the temperature a bit lower so that I had time to flip them while they cooked. I did rotate the takoyaki a few times to get the golden colour.

Once they are cooked to your desired golden colour remove and top with Japanese mayo, takoyaki sauce, nori, benito flakes, and green onion.


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