For the Labour Day long weekend we went camping at Mactush Campground in Port Alberni, British Columbia. The weather was not as good as previous trips. However, we still had a great time!

This was our longest camping trip to date! We were at Mactush for four days and three nights. When we arrived it was still dry which made setting up a lot easier. We did set up for the pending rain fall. We were debating on if we needed a second tarp and super happy that we did get it and some extra rope. We connected the two tarps to cover our tent and make an outdoor area for us to hang out in.

We got to test out our new tent this trip. It is the Coleman Instant Dome 7P Signature Outdoor Gear tent. Yes, a seven person tent is a little excessive for two people and a dog, but it has great head clearance and space for everything we need. It survived the wind and rain that the BC West Coast threw at us this weekend. The tent being “Instant” means that it is easy to set up. All parts of the tent are connected and stay connected to streamline set up. Take down was a bit harder than set up. However, the trick is to make sure you get all the air out before you tie it up to put in the bag. If you don’t it poofs out in the middle making it impossible to put back in the bag.

The Saturday poured rain all day. Our tarps held up, but started to sag under the weight of the rain that was starting to pool on the edges. Both of us being short, it was a bit hard to get the ropes high enough to keep the trap high. Next year we will need to bring a ladder with us. We are hoping to also bring a canopy next year. That would give us the best clearance over the picnic table. A canopy would be great protection from the rain and shade from the sun.

The rain did give us a chance to play some Crib which it has been ages since we were able to do. Were a little rusty, but after the first game strategy started to come back. I was even able to get a little knitting in. Taco got to play in the try tent with some of his toys as well.

On Sunday we were finally able to go exploring around the campground. We walked through Syliva’s Trail and went to look at the boat launch. In previous trips we had not gone all the way over to the boat launch. Nothing fancy but would get the job done if you were to have a boat.

With the fire ban in still in place we were not able to have a wood burning fire. This did change up how we cooked and spent our evenings. We borrowed a Coleman camping stove and it worked amazing. One 1lb green propane take was enough to cook all our meals and heat water to wash our dishes for the entire drip. There was even still a little left over! We cooked some pretty awesome meals and will be looking at buying a Coleman Camping Stove of our own.

When we left Monday the sun was shining and the sky was blue. This made cleaning up way better because most of our stuff was given a chance to dry before we loaded it up into the car to head home. Can’t wait for next summer to go camping again!

Macktush Campground
Cost (subject to change)
$29.00/night (not waterfront)
$33.00/night (waterfront)
$5.00/night reservation fee for the first 3 nights

Camp Host on site 24/7
Pit Latrines (outhouses)
Fire Pits
Picnic Tables
Firewood ($10 a load)
Sani Dump
Two boat launches
Pet friendly

12951 Canal Main
Alberni-Clayoquot A, BC

Macktush Campground

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