For the Labour Day long weekend we decided to do one last camping trip of the summer before we go into our Canadian winter. Macktush was our go to place for such an occasion. The ability to be on the water and have trails and stoney beaches makes it the perfect place to get away.

With the long weekend we were able to make it the longest camping trip we were able to pull off this summer, Friday all the way to Monday! We were sad to leave because it will be awhile before we can go back and explore the area again. On our way out we saw signs to trails that we have yet to explore. The two boat launches on the other site of the grounds we never made it to either. Not having a boat put it lower on our list of things to check out. However, this trip we saw some people fishing from shore or wading in a bit, so maybe we will try that next summer.

Taco loves the ability to explore and get to experience new places. All of the walks took him to places where he got to climb and smell new things all the time. There were a lot of squirrels this trip and they made sure to run in front of Taco when he was on leash and couldn’t do anything about it. We also saw a handful of blue jays.

We also spent some of our time hanging out playing cards and Boggle. It had been awhile since either of us had played Gin Rummy so that was a bit of challenge. In the end we figured out a set of rules that we agreed on. We had been taught different versions growing up. All in all it was a great battle of skill, probability, and sheer luck!

The ability to relax by a fire is one of the best feelings in the world. To be out in nature is amazing. It would be nice if we could get out and camp more, but work and responsibilities do factor in. Traveling around the world is fun, but there is something different about being outside the lights of the city and seeing the stars light the sky. The moon was super bright over the mountain at night. The mill across the water was pretty bright as well, and the only thing visible on the other side at night.

Can’t wait until next summer!

Macktush Campground
Cost (subject to change)
$5.00/night reservation fee for the first 3 nights

Camp Host on site 24/7
Pit Latrines (outhouses)
Fire Pits
Picnic Tables
Firewood ($10 a load)
Sani Dump
Two boat launches
Pet friendly

12951 Canal Main
Alberni-Clayoquot A, BC

Macktush Campground

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