Pulled pork can take hours to achieve the correct tenderness, so I was a little skeptical to try making it with the Instant Pot. However, it turned out pretty well.

We used pork shoulder that was marinated in my Dad’s special dry rub that he makes himself. Not 100% sure what is in it but, there is smoked paprika, onion powder, and brown sugar. It can be seasoned with what ever spices you like or use a premade dry rub. After covered in rub it sat in the fridge for a few hours before we cooked it.

One in the Instant Pot we added 1/2 a cup of apple juice to keep the pork moist.

Initially we put it on for 35 minutes, and it was cooked. However, we did an additional 15 minutes to make it more tender and easier to pull apart.

We added bbq sauce and sliced pickles to round out a great pulled pork slider!

-Pork Shoulder
-1/2 cup of Apple Juice

Cook for 50 minutes in the Instant Pot (or until desired tenderness)

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