For New Year’s Eve we went out to dinner with family. We haven’t eaten at Cedars since before the pandemic started so were interested to see how the food would be. It was okay, but when the reservation was made they did not inform us that it would be a set menu at $89.00 per person! Had we known the cost we would have gone somewhere else. When we arrived and learned about the cost we looked up the restaurant on our phones. No where did it say that there was a set menu for New Year’s Eve. Upon deeper digging the only reference to a set menu was on their events page.

The dinner consisted of four courses: soup, appetizer, main, and dessert. The soup and dessert were the same for everyone, but you had a few options to pick from for your appetizer and main.

The venison carpaccio was my favourite part of the dinner. Not something that you see very often and it was done very well.

Although the food wasn’t spectacular for the price point, all of the staff were amazing. Super polite, friendly, and personable. They made us feel comfortable and helped us to enjoy our first real evening out in a long time. We can’t remember the last time we dressed up and went out.

Here is to 2022 and all it has to offer. New Year, Big Dreams!

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