Recently I have gotten back into reading and am excited to dive into many new worlds. My first historical fiction book of 2024 was The Undercover Secretary by Ellie Midwood. The Undercover Secretary takes place during World War II and is based on true events.

Dora Davidsohn was a real person who did what she needed to do to survive prosecution while helping the Allies as much as she could. Her quick thinking and drive ultimately kept her alive when she was almost discovered multiple times.

As the story is based on true events and research done by Ellie Midwood there are some areas that I wish had been fleshed out more. This could however be due to what was documented and survived after World War II ended.

Good first historical read in awhile, but was not a stay up all night kind of read.

Readability – ★★★★
Hook – ★★★
Storyline – ★★★

Where to Purchase:
Amazon $12.99
!ndigo $13.02

Video Review:
Watch my video on YouTube discussing the book right after I finished it: Book Review: The Undercover Secretary.

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