Being able to create things is something that I find great joy in. Being able to make what you want versus buying it is rewarding. With Halloween right around the corner, it will be the holiday season soon enough. My goal this year is to make majority if not all of the presents that we will be giving this year.

My supplies came from BeadWorld in Victoria, BC. They were absolutely wonderful when we went in to their shop in Market Square. I showed them a picture of the type of bracelet I wanted to achieve, and they walked me through the store showing my what I needed. They even explained how to make the bracelet and give me some tricks to make it easier! I have made five bracelets so far, two with leather cord and three with cotton cord. I have found that the cotton cord is a better size for the look I wanted to achieve.

I started with attaching my bead/button/shell at the top. This will be how the bracelet will stay on. The cord is on either side of the beads. To attach the beads sinew is thread through each bead and round the cords. Once you get into the rhythm it is easy to knock out bracelets fairly quickly. To be fair, I have a lot of experience with crafting and creating.

Once complete, the bracelets are able to wrap around your wrist twice with the length that I used. It is easy to adjust the size by increasing and decreasing your length of cord and number of beads.

I can’t want to play around with different variations! I have seen some really cool square beads that I think would turn out really well. Once new ones of different styles are made I will be sure to post them. Let me know if you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these bracelets or ones similar. I am happy to learn a new style to help others learn too!


539 Pandora Avenue
Victoria, BC V8W 1N5


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