If you are looking for a book to develop and break down your habits you should check out Atomic Habits by James Clear. Atomic Habits was recommended to me and I am happy I took the time to read it.

As a visual learner it was great that there were charts and diagrams to explain the points that were being discussed. I found that it helped to put the topics into perspective and how the different steps to building strong and productive habits fit together.

It was eye opening to see how small changes could have big impacts even though they don’t seem significant at the time.

Going through the book there were certain points and teachings that I finally understood what other people in my life were talking about. Those who are successful work hard at creating and maintaining good habits. By starting small, it makes the big changes a lot easier. When change is a steady progression it makes getting to your goal not seem as daunting.

If you are wanting to learn about why you do certain things or want to develop new and productive habits Atomic Habits is a must read!

Readability – ★★★★★
Learning – ★★★★★

Where to Purchase:
Amazon $36.00
Indigo $36.00

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